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04.03.14 UniPro Power Estimation Model
04.03.14 Tizen Developer Lab & Hackathon в Новосибирске
03.02.14 Вебинар по QML и QtQuick: состояния и переходы
03.02.14 Nizhny Novgorod State University (NNSU)
31.01.14 Индекс фрактальности в задачах анализа финансовых временных рядов
30.01.14 Influence on frequency on compaction of sand in small-scale tests
30.01.14 CMOS High Frequency Circuits for Spin Torque Oscillator Technology
30.01.14 Better Low-energy Buildings: The Contribution of Environmental Rating Tools and Life-Cycle Approaches
30.01.14 Experimental and theoretical study of carbides in the Co-Cr-C system: Structure, alloying and stability
30.01.14 Modelling air-water flows in bottom outlets of dams
30.01.14 Transition to turbulence in the asymptotic suction boundary layer
30.01.14 Electricity Distribution Network Planning Considering Distributed Generation
30.01.14 Cooperative Motion and Task Planning Under Temporal Tasks
27.01.14 Nine applicants for the position of rector of the University of Helsinki
27.01.14 Why does everyone like John Irving?
27.01.14 Three young researchers named Wallenberg Academy Fellows
27.01.14 Multimedia content to be more searchable
27.01.14 New method reads the genetic code directly in tumour tissue
27.01.14 Assistant Professor in Mathematics
27.01.14 Principal/Senior Database Administrator
27.01.14 Post Doctoral Researcher Innate resistance to hepatitis C virus HCV infection
27.01.14 Post Doctoral Researcher in Testing and Modelling of Composite Structures
27.01.14 Post Doctoral Researcher - Impurity Effects in Crystallization Re-advertisement
27.01.14 Research Assistant Position in Immunology/Molecular Immunology
27.01.14 Post Doctoral Researcher - Tailoring Crystal Size Distributions for Improved Formulation Properties Re-advertisement
27.01.14 Maître de conférences - Informatique
27.01.14 Maître de conférences - Génie informatique, automatique et traitement du signal
27.01.14 Maître de conférences - Génie informatique, automatique et traitement du signal
27.01.14 Professeur des universités - Milieux dilués et optique
27.01.14 Maître de conférences - Terre solide : géodynamique des enveloppes supérieures, ...
27.01.14 Maître de conférences - Structure et évolution de la terre et des autres planètes
27.01.14 Maître de conférences - Milieux dilués et optique
27.01.14 Maître de conférences - Génie électrique, électronique, photonique et systèmes
27.01.14 FôrTek, UMB’s first ISO-9001 certified lab
27.01.14 Status Report 2013 for the unit UniPæd, LICS and Ait
27.01.14 Follow RU on Twitter and Facebook!
27.01.14 Read from today!
27.01.14 Take an education in Education Management
27.01.14 New travel settlement forms and rates for 2014
27.01.14 After-work dance on Wednesday, 22 January
27.01.14 The Annual Party needs an organiser
27.01.14 Humtek's Project Exhibition will take place on Friday 17 January 2014, 12:00-14:30
27.01.14 Study Environment fund at RUC: deadline for applications is 3 March 2014
27.01.14 A short film by TUAS Arts Academy alumni received an Oscar nomination
27.01.14 Turku University of Applied Sciences published its new website in Finnish
27.01.14 Early start to studying
27.01.14 Second Life has no limits
27.01.14 Studies concluded with a celebration
27.01.14 We invest a great deal in internationality
27.01.14 Speeding up exploitation of research results
27.01.14 Get global at TUAS
27.01.14 Posters in video form
27.01.14 AIKO acting internationally
27.01.14 Together we can be visible