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Updated date Title
04.03.14 System level simulator for hybrid broadcast/cellular networks
04.03.14 Adaptive error correction scheme for chirp spread spectrum wireless link
04.03.14 Coding in 4G
04.03.14 Diversity Reception in Microwave Links
04.03.14 Resource allocation procedure in IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) standard
04.03.14 Speech coding in wireless packet switched network
04.03.14 WiFi throughput research during the wireless video transmission
04.03.14 Seamless WLAN off-load of 3GPP
04.03.14 SVG Player
04.03.14 Design and implementation of 3GPP MAC layer prominent features in OPNET
04.03.14 A Maemo Mobile Trade Client for Business Systems
04.03.14 MySocials: A Client for Social Network Services
04.03.14 Scribo: Multi-Blog Client for Maemo/MeeGo Platform
04.03.14 Infrastructureless p2p network for Maemo
04.03.14 Maemo Endurance Testing
04.03.14 Open Source Linux Lab (OSLL) website
04.03.14 Open-source implementation of 802.11s (open80211s) on Nokia N810 internet tablet
04.03.14 Porting WidSets to the Maemo Platform
04.03.14 WebDAV implementation for MAEMO
04.03.14 WLAN 802.11s mesh network investigation
04.03.14 Debug tools for Maemo (Fremantle)
04.03.14 HiveMind — cross-platform collaborative mind map editor
04.03.14 Location-based services in public buildings: LIST for N900
04.03.14 OpenCV Performance on MAEMO
04.03.14 Liquid: funny graphic editor
04.03.14 Maemo Share Plugin for social network VKontakte
04.03.14 Qt Messaging Framework plugins for social network services
04.03.14 Testing framework for OpenSSL on Maemo/Meego
04.03.14 SketchIt - Simple Vector Scheme Editor for Mobile Devices with Touch Screen
04.03.14 Octotask - Multi-source task collector and manager
04.03.14 MobySmartSport
04.03.14 Adaptive power saving on receiver side in DVB-H system based on progressive video codecs
04.03.14 Aggregation protocols evolution analysis
04.03.14 Expert control system convenience UI
04.03.14 Mobile multimedia broadcasting technologies
04.03.14 Personal Organizer in the Internet event space
04.03.14 Safety on Roads and Car-Centric Mobile Services
04.03.14 Self-Organized File System For Mobile Devices
04.03.14 Syncopa: a better phonebook experience
04.03.14 Analysis of WidSets platform opportunities at Russian market
04.03.14 Laboratory of video transmission over 3G/4G networks
04.03.14 Software licensing in mobile industry
04.03.14 Extensions for Smart Conference System
04.03.14 SmartScribo: A Blogging Application for Smart Spaces
04.03.14 Pecha Kucha for Smart Conference
04.03.14 Smart Conference Clients for Symbian and Android
04.03.14 Integration Smart conference and live journal
04.03.14 Building a Model of a Smart City
04.03.14 M3-Weather: A Smart-M3 Forecast Widget for Mobile Users
04.03.14 Audio-visual support system for Mobile E-meeting Participant
04.03.14 SmartSlog: An ANSI C Code Generator for the M3 Platform
04.03.14 Virtual telescope on mobile device
04.03.14 System analysing pedestrian movement in city environment
04.03.14 Security in Embedded Networks
04.03.14 Verified communication modelling of embedded systems in SystemC