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Updated date Title
03.05.14 15th FRUCT Conference: Registration
03.05.14 15th FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
21.04.14 Nokia developers workshop
17.04.14 15th FRUCT Conference: Demo section
15.04.14 15th FRUCT Conference: Practical Information
07.04.14 Security WG
07.04.14 Mobile Video Working Group
04.04.14 Accommodation options for participants of the Conference
10.03.14 14th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
10.03.14 Москва: 16-18.05
10.03.14 9th FRUCT conference: general information
10.03.14 8th FRUCT conference: updates
10.03.14 FRUCT activities
10.03.14 7th FRUCT conference
10.03.14 10th FRUCT Conference: General Information
10.03.14 Новосибирск: 22-24.06
10.03.14 8th FRUCT conference: general information
10.03.14 Проекты
10.03.14 Research projects
10.03.14 Symbian Development Contest on Mobile Device Energy Spending
10.03.14 Qt training
10.03.14 Benefits of FRUCT members
10.03.14 Первая российская конференция MeeGo: тренинг
10.03.14 How to join FRUCT Association
10.03.14 MeeGo training
10.03.14 Invitation to the 2nd Smart Spaces ruSMART conference and 9th International Conference on Next Generation Wired/Wireless Networking NEW2AN
10.03.14 Вторая российская конференция MAEMO: информация
10.03.14 Тренинги
10.03.14 10th FRUCT Conference: Accommodation
10.03.14 Вторая конференция Maemo: общая информация
10.03.14 Первая российская конференция MeeGo: обновления
10.03.14 One day FRUCT-South seminar at AIS/CAD 2010 congress
10.03.14 8th FRUCT conference: accommodation
10.03.14 Конкурс на лучшее русифицированное приложение на Qt
10.03.14 Зимняя школа по Qt: Санкт-Петербург, 21-26.02
10.03.14 Smart-M3 training
10.03.14 Demo section
10.03.14 14th FRUCT Conference: Demo section
10.03.14 Preparation to demo section
10.03.14 Demo section
10.03.14 Second MAEMO conference -- TEST
10.03.14 10th FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
06.03.14 Demo section
06.03.14 FRUCT Web Working Group
04.03.14 Mobile Video Processing
04.03.14 End-to-End Delay Estimations in IP networks
04.03.14 Increasing the information capacity of digital images in telecommunication systems
04.03.14 Security Analysis of Provisioning Protocol Used in On-board Credentials Platform
04.03.14 Distributed Objects Allocation/Retrieval System for Heterogeneous P2P Network
04.03.14 Energy Aware Early Detection
04.03.14 Power consumption estimation for H.264/AVC and DVC for wireless networks
04.03.14 Poster presentations management system
04.03.14 Graphical-based user authentication schemes for mobile devices
04.03.14 Recognition of panorama parts using OpenCV
04.03.14 Speech synthesis for human-computer interaction