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16.06.15 Speech coding in wireless packet switched network
16.06.15 Resource allocation in OFDMA
16.06.15 Polar Modulation and Transmitters Power Efficiency
16.06.15 Diversity Reception in Microwave Links
16.06.15 Coding in 4G
16.06.15 Bandwidth and power efficient OFDM
16.06.15 Error correction for chirp spread spectrum wireless link
16.06.15 Building a Model of a Smart City
16.06.15 Porting WidSets to the Maemo Platform
16.06.15 Project on mobile video conferencing
16.06.15 Feedback for the conference organizers
16.06.15 What should I have in the FRUCT Overview presentation
05.05.15 Program of the 7th FRUCT conference is published
05.05.15 Anouncments of lectures and feedback of lecture content
05.05.15 Request for trainings and lectures
20.04.15 Tizen Developer Lab & Hackathon в Нижнем Новгороде
20.04.15 Tizen Developer Lab & Hackathon в Москве
31.03.15 Web Working Group
12.02.15 Promo
27.01.15 16th FRUCT Conference: Program
11.12.14 4th Regional Seminar on Mobile Healthcare, Early Diagnostics and Fitness
11.12.14 New Asha training
11.12.14 M3 Semantic Interoperability Workshop
11.12.14 Windows Phone 8 training
11.12.14 Tizen DevLab in SPb
11.12.14 Tizen DevLab in Yaroslavl
11.12.14 Tizen DevLab in NNovgorod
11.12.14 Tizen DevLab & Hackathon, St.-Petersburg
11.12.14 Tizen DevLab & Hackathon, Nizhny Novgorod
11.12.14 Tizen DevLab & Hackathon, Novosibirsk
11.12.14 Tizen DevLab & Hackathon, Moscow
11.12.14 Mobile VAS & Apps 2013
11.12.14 KESW 2013
11.12.14 14th FRUCT
11.12.14 15th FRUCT
11.12.14 7th ruSmart conference
11.12.14 14th New2AN conference
11.12.14 16th FRUCT
01.11.14 16th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
27.10.14 16th FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
16.10.14 16th FRUCT Conference: Demo section
14.10.14 Seminar feedback
04.10.14 Load balancing in mesh-networks based on process mining algorithms
04.10.14 Telemedical Monitoring for Android
04.10.14 ECG Compression Library for Long-Term Monitoring of Heart Function in Mobile HealthCare Systems
04.10.14 SmartSlog: A Smart-M3 Multilingual Ontology Library Generator
04.10.14 SmartConference System
04.10.14 Geo2Tag LBS Platform
05.09.14 Accommodation for participants of the 16th FRUCT conference
05.09.14 16th FRUCT Conference: Practical Information
31.08.14 Tizen Developer Lab & Hackathon в Петрозаводске
21.08.14 15th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
21.08.14 15th FRUCT Conference: Program
15.06.14 Qt winter school in St-Petersburg
30.05.14 9th FRUCT Conference: updates