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10.01.17 Pam Fredman new chair of the International Association of Universities, IAU
10.01.17 Bullied children excluded from digital communication forums
10.01.17 Making spintronic neurons sing in unison
10.01.17 Excessive BMI Increase During Puberty Identified as a New Risk Factor for Mortality due to Cardiovascular Disease
10.01.17 Selected UiB research 2016
10.01.17 The play of algorithms
10.01.17 Discovering the origin of the mouth and anus
10.01.17 Identifying new class inequalities
10.01.17 Young cancer survivors have twice the risk of suicide
10.01.17 Media language slows down fight against poverty
10.01.17 Health anxiety increases risk of heart attack
10.01.17 New research gives hope to exterminate the sea lice
10.01.17 Wittgenstein: The poetic philosopher
10.01.17 Humans used fire earlier than previously known
10.01.17 Flow and Heat Transfer in a Turbocharger Radial Turbine
10.01.17 Towards conversational speech synthesis - Experiments with data quality, prosody modification, and non-verbal signals
10.01.17 Remote contact-free reconstruction of currents in two-dimensional parallel conductors
10.01.17 On millimeter and submillimeter wave focal plane arrays implemented with MEMS waveguide switches
10.01.17 Performance Metrics for Sustainability Value
10.01.17 Property impacts on heat exchanger design in CO2 cryogenic process of carbon capture and storage
10.01.17 Spectral Analysis of Gamma-Ray Bursts Using a Model for Subphotospheric Dissipation
10.01.17 Climate is no ubiquitous explanation of fluctuations in reindeer numbers
10.01.17 9th Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting at Chemical Biological Centre, Umeå University
10.01.17 Christians less stressed than others during Christmas holidays
10.01.17 Umeå epidemiologist joins UN mission to confront Rift Valley fever outbreak
10.01.17 SEK 33 million to young researchers
10.01.17 Arctic theme shows our expertise and breadth
10.01.17 Nelson Gekara receives SEK 9 million grant from the Swedish Research Council
10.01.17 Using herpes drugs to slow down Alzheimer’s disease could become reality
10.01.17 Methods of Umeå University research group included in leading research manual
10.01.17 Nobel brain researcher at Campus Umeå
01.09.16 SystemC and SDL co-modelling
13.07.16 Russia - Calling All Innovators
28.02.16 About FRUCT
28.08.15 Protection against unapproved copying
07.07.15 О FRUCT
16.06.15 Problem with progress bar(PyQt)
16.06.15 Scribo (a multiblog client) is published
16.06.15 scratchbox localization problem
16.06.15 Camera Nokia n810 and OpenCV
16.06.15 Playing with N900 sensors
16.06.15 Debian package
16.06.15 Supporting Qt-buildsystem in autotools scripts
16.06.15 game porting
16.06.15 MySocials
16.06.15 Kimi is published
16.06.15 More virtual keyboards
16.06.15 Welcome to FRUCT Maemo Work Group
16.06.15 RSS newsreader for
16.06.15 DJVU for Symbian 9.x
16.06.15 FRUCT CFP
16.06.15 Everybody should know about forum
16.06.15 Software licensing in mobile industry
16.06.15 Laboratory of video transmission
16.06.15 WiFi throughput research while wireless video transmission