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Cartridge filter

A cartridge filter is a piece of tubular filtration equipment that can be used in various products for an array of filtration requirements. A cartridge is encased within a housing or a casing and used to remove unwanted particles, pollutants, and chemicals from liquids. The cartridge is exposed to water, liquid or solvent that needs filtration, as it flows inside the housing and passes through the filter element. It can also remove submicron particulates.

You can find two categories of cartridge filters


Surface filters and


Depth filters

Surface filters

Surface filters prevent solids and contaminants from passing through the medium. Outside of the filter medium, they are restricted. The passage of fluid through a layer of material that limits particles on the surface is referred to as surface filtration. The size of particles prevented from entering the medium by the cartridge filter is larger than the medium's typical pore size. The surface filter becomes caked with particles on the exterior over time, restricting the flow beyond an acceptable level. The filter surface must be cleaned and reused at this stage. Surface filters are less expensive and have a shorter shelf life than other types of filters. The filter media has a lower mechanical strength (with the exception of filter medium made of stainless steel).

Depth filters

Within the medium, depth filters capture all impurities, pollutants, and solids. Depth filtration is defined as a thicker layer of media (or many layers) that creates a difficult path for particles to go through and prevents them from passing through. The size of the particles is significantly smaller than the medium's typical pore size. Contaminants pass through the depth filter and become trapped; when the pores in the filter become closed, they must be cleaned with a reverse flow of fluid or replaced with a fresh medium. A depth filter is more costly than a surface filter, but it has a longer shelf life. The filter media has a high mechanical strength.

How to Clean Filter Cartridges?

To clean a cartridge filter effectively, remove any big dirt and debris particles before soaking it in a filter cartridge cleaning solution to remove built-up oils and scum. Remove the bigger debris using a garden hose, scrubbing between the pleats from top to bottom. The longer your filter cartridge lasts, the more thoroughly you clean it. It's not a good idea to wash it down and put it back in the tank right away. Give your cartridges the complete treatment each time you clean them.

When to Replace a Filter Cartridge

Most people replace their filter cartridges every 3-5 years, but don't base your decision only on the amount of time that has gone; instead, assess your filter's effectiveness. Depending on the strain placed on the cartridge, your time period may be longer or shorter.

There are three ways to tell when your filter cartridge is no longer effective.

Cleaning Frequency: When the pressure gauge climbs 8 PSI over normal operating pressure, it's time to clean the filter cartridges. It should be replaced if the period between these increases in pressure begins to reduce considerably. Keep track of the filter pressure and the date your cartridge filter was cleaned. It has reached its "half-life," and it's time to replace it when the time between cleanings is half of what it used to be.

Water Quality: Another sign that your cartridge filter is expiring is if the pool water remains hazy or green despite correct chemical balance, or if you have to run your filter longer or use more sanitizer to get clean and clear pool water. Clean the cartridge initially, but if the problem persists after a few days, the cartridge is likely no longer capable of filtering the water as well as it once did. This is because the fibers split a little more each time a cartridge is cleaned, enabling fine debris and algae to flow through unfiltered. After 12-15 cleanings, Uncial recommends replacing the filter cartridge.

Filter Damage: The third technique to tell if a cartridge filter needs to be replaced is to properly check it every time you clean it, searching for rips or tears in the fabric. Damage to the filter will limit the filter's ability to filter effectively. If there are tears or rips in the cloth, or if the rubber end cap of the cartridge is cracked, it must be replaced.

Another method for calculating the time between pool cartridge replacements is to use the filter size vs. pool size tipping point.



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Pool filter cartridge

A pool filter cartridge is a piece of tubular filtration equipment that can be used in various products for an array of filtration requirements. A cartridge is encased within a housing or a casing and used to remove unwanted particles, pollutants, and chemicals from liquids. The cartridge is exposed to water, liquid or solvent that needs filtration, as it flows inside the housing and passes through the filter element. It can also remove submicron particulates.

You can find two categories of pool filter cartridge                


Surface filters


Depth filters

Surface filters

Surface filtration, as the names suggest, is concerned with the retention of particles mostly on the surface. The particles that are kept form a layer of material known as a "cake layer," which serves to improve filtering effectiveness even further. If the filtration rate is originally about 50-60%, it will increase to 100% once the layer of cake is made. Solids and pollutants are prevented from passing through the medium by surface filters. They are limited outside of the filter media. Surface filtration is the flow of fluid through a layer of material that restricts particulates on the surface. The size of the particles that the pool filter cartridge prevents from entering the medium is greater than the medium's normal pore size. Over time, the surface filter becomes caked with particles on the outside, limiting the flow beyond what is tolerable. At this point, the filter surface must be cleaned and reused. Surface filters are less costly than other types of filters and have a shorter shelf life.

Depth filters

Depth filters are a type of filter that uses a porous filtering media to keep particles in the middle of the medium rather than simply on the surface. When the fluid to be filtered includes a high load of particles, these filters are often employed because, in comparison to other types of pool filter cartridge, they can hold a significant quantity of particles before getting clogged. To remove solid pollutants from the liquid phase, depth filtration is utilized, which is constituted by several porous layers with depth. The particles are trapped throughout the medium's structure, rather than on the surface, due to the tortuous and channel-like character of the filtering medium. Depth filters provide the extra benefit of being able to capture a large number of particles without sacrificing separation performance. The sand filter is a frequent feature of depth filters, and they may be employed with far greater filtration rates than other designs. These features have helped to strengthen the usage and popularity of depth filters as a separation tool. Depth filter designs are always evolving and improving to meet the demands of industry, thanks to continual improvements in process technology.



It's really quite feasible that dirt and particles are avoiding your filter cartridge. Look for tears in the pleats or cracks on the ends of your cartridge. Misplaced or misaligned components within the filter are another source of dirt getting around (rather than through) the cartridge. The position and arrangement of internal manifolds may be found in the owner's handbook for your filter. Look for fractures or missing O-rings in these internal components. Before putting the top back on, it's sometimes a matter of correctly "seating" the cartridge into the base of the filter tank.

Mineral deposits can block the small holes of a pool filter cartridge in hard water regions. As the water attempts to force through the blocked cartridge, your pressure gauge will most likely register greater than before. To address this problem, immerse your filter cartridge in a 10:1 water-to-acidic solution to dissolve the minerals.

Oily substances, such as suntan oil, cosmetics, hair care products, and simply plain old body oils, can clog cartridges. The oils in your cartridges may be broken down by soaking them in a TSP solution. If your pool has an oil problem, apply a pool enzyme like Pool Perfect to break down the oils. It's incredible!


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Pool shop near me

For all of your pool servicing and pool cleaning needs, Perth has a number of Poolwise living franchisees. Our experts in Perth are completely qualified and ready to help you with any pool or spa-related questions.

A fully qualified expert from Poolwise living can get the job done if you reside in Perth and need monthly pool service, one-off pool servicing, green pool cleaning, equipment repairs, equipment replacement, or anything else connected to the health of your pool or spa.

Find best pool shops near me? Poolwise has over 25 years of expertise and is Australasia's biggest pool and spa maintenance network, so you can count on them to provide the best pool service in Perth. We can come to your place because we are mobile.

When it comes to pools, you can count on Outback Pools in Perth to supply you with all of the necessary retail items. We know all there is to know about swimming pools from the inside out since we specialize in concrete pool building. Our pool shop is fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, including heat pumps and cleaning chemicals.

We also carry all of the top pool supply brands, including as Onega and Pentair. In our Perth store, Outback Pools proudly sells the reflux Mineral Pool System.

We are the pool service company you can rely on for top searches. When you need a regular or one-time service, a pool inspection, an installation, or even those hard repair projects, you can count on our team of pool technicians. We have the equipment and know-how to keep your pool in good condition.

Need a pool service? Call the experts.

The great joy of owning a pool is associated by a great deal of responsibility. Have any issue in your pool equipment, want to search pool shops near me? Nothing worth having comes for free and swimming pools requires constant maintenance to remain in good working order. This ensures that you and your family are protected.

Even the most attentive pool owner, who follows a meticulously devised maintenance plan to the letter, may periodically need to call in the professionals for a comprehensive pool service consider it similar to a pool service. While nothing appears to be amiss at first glance, it is important to obtain professional assistance in order to properly examine the functioning of your pool and pool equipment.

What does pool service involves?

Just find us to write “pool shops near me” in search engine or google. A full service includes looking for a repairing any of the following, in addition to a thorough clean and standard maintenance:


Leaking seals


Cracks on the surface


Motors that are loud


Chlorinators that don’t work

Early detection of any of the conditions mentioned allows for early interventions. Making small repairs is always going to be easier and less expensive than trying to restore the irreparable harm that may occur if you leave these things alone for too long.

Is your pump loud and noisy? Want to call pool shops near me. Unexpected shocks and costly repair expenses are avoided with regular pool servicing. Our experts will also examine the chemical levels in your water, as well as the state of your equipment and the health of your water. This provides you the assurance that your swimming pool is in excellent condition and is safe for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy. Creating a hassle free Servicing System.

Happily, calling poolwise living to take care of your pool service is as easy as dialing a phone number. Pool care, repairs, design, and building are all areas where poolwise living excels. We live and breathe pools, and we adore the jobs you despise. Outback Pools offers a variety of maintenance and service options to meet the needs of every pool owner. Our service will be determined by how frequently you use your pool and how active you want to be in its ongoing maintenance.


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Sand filter

Sand filters are used in the water purification process as a phase in the treatment process. There are three main types.


Rapid (gravity) sand filters


Upward flow sand filters


Slow sand filters

All three techniques are widely utilized in the water industry around the world. The first two require the use of flocculants chemicals to operate successfully, but slow sand filter may create extremely high quality water without the use of chemical aids, reducing pathogens from 90% to >99% (depending on the strains), taste, and odor. Sand filters, in addition to being utilized in water treatment facilities, may also be used in single family homes since they use materials that are readily available to the majority of people.

Rapid sand filters

The rapid sand filter, also known as the rapid gravity filter, is a type of water filter that is often used in municipal drinking water facilities as part of a multi-stage treatment system. Rapid sand filters were initially created in the 1890s, and by the 1920s, better versions had been produced. George W. Fuller planned and built the first modern fast sand filtration facility at Little Falls, New Jersey.  By the 1920s, rapid sand filter were commonly employed in major municipal water systems because they required less area than slow sand filters.

Upward flow sand filters

The Upward Flow Water Filter is a small, easy-to-build water filter for eliminating suspended dirt or organic matter that can discolor or contaminate potable water. The filter is especially beneficial in rural regions, where surface water of questionable quality is frequently utilized. Clean water may make a significant difference in a family's health.

The filter is simple to build and use, and it will supply enough clean water for a family or a party of around ten people. It can run for up to a year before it has to be cleaned, depending on the quality of the water source.

Slow sand filters

In water purification, slow sand filter are used to treat raw water and create a usable product. They're usually 1 to 2 meters deep, have a rectangular or cylindrical cross shape, and are mostly used to treat surface water. The flow rate needed by the filters, which generally have a loading rate of 200 to 400 liters per hour per square meter, determines the length and breadth of the tanks (or 0.2 to 0.4 cubic meters per square meter per hour).

Slow sand filter perform differently than other drinking water filters in that they rely on a complex biological layer that forms naturally on the sand's surface. Unlike its equivalents for Ultraviolet and pressure treatments, the sand does not filter anything and merely serves as a substrate. Although they are frequently the favored technique in many developing countries due to their cheap energy needs and reliable performance, they are also used to treat water in certain wealthy countries, such as the United Kingdom, where they are used to treat London's water supply. Slow sand filters are presently being explored for disease control in hydroponic nutrient solutions.


  • It is inexpensive
  • It filters medium to large debris
  • It will typically last for seven years


  • Needs regular maintenance
  • More pressure is required when sand has an overwhelming amount of debris.



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Zodiac g2 pool cleaner

The Zodiac G2 is Australia's favorite pool cleaner, strong cleaning action, and mobility. For maximum efficiency, the Zodiac G2 pool cleaner provides efficient, effective cleaning that is compatible with low-speed pumps. While cleaning the pool floor, walls, and steps, the cleaner swiftly inhales tiny and medium particles. A Flow Keeper Valve is included in the G2 cleaner. Even with low-speed pumps, this small self-adjusting flow control valve automatically adjusts water flow, assuring optimal performance.

The G2 cleaner will be ready to clean your pool in just three simple stages. They're pre-assembled when you get them out of the package. Simply connect the skimmer or specialized suction line to the disc, wheel deflector, and hose. There are no specific tools or plumbing requirements.

The Zodiac G2 is designed to fit a range of pool surfaces and will swiftly and efficiently remove most tiny particles from your pool, reducing self-maintenance to a minimum.

Diaphragm Technology: The Zodiac G2 features only one operating moving element, the diaphragm, which ensures whisper-quiet cleaning while delivering maximum suction force.

Exceptional Durability: The Zodiac G2 pool cleaner at its best year after year due to its tough construction components. The Zodiac G2 is built to last, from the long-wearing foot and disc that constantly scrapes away to the authentic long-life Barracuda hose. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool.

Quick and Easy: The Zodiac G2 is quick and easy to install, since it comes with a Barracuda long-life hose. It's also simple to access and service due to the high reaction cassette.

Warranty: A two-year guarantee on the quality, functionality, and support of your G2 suction pool cleaner provides you peace of mind.

Package Contents

The zodiac G2 pool cleaner comes with everything you need to set it up and run it, including 12 long-life Twist & Lock hose sections, a flow regulator valve, and a fast start user guide, so it can be customized to fit your pool exactly.


1 x Zodiac G2 machine head complete with disc set


12 x 1m lengths of original Barracuda hose


1 x hose weight


1 x leader hose adaptor


1 x deflector wheel


1 x AD flow valve


1 x pool pulse


1 x hose protection mesh


1 x user manual and warranty card

Features Summary


Diaphragm technology drive


Whisper-quiet operation


Broad 36” fin disc for large cleaning area


Cleans floors and partial walls


12 x 1m Twist & Lock hose lengths


Long-wearing foot & cleaning disc


Quick release diaphragm cassette


Adjustable deflector wheel


2 Year warranty

Technical Details

  • Suction-side cleaner
  • Operates in all in-ground pools
  • Connects directly to skimmer or 1.5" dedicated vacuum line
  • Includes 36 ft. of feed hose


Feature                     Description

Pool Type                   In-Ground

Cleaner Type              Suction-side

Connection                Skimmer or 1.5" Vacuum Line

Warranty                    2 Year

Hose Type                   Long-Life, 36 ft. of Feed Hose

Diaphragm                 Durable AIB

Pool Surface(s)           Tile, Vinyl, Gunite, and Fiberglass

Quick Access Control System

Unlike other competitive automatic pool cleaners, the zodiac G2 pool cleaner has the Quick Release Access Cassette System. This unique feature allows almost instantaneous access to the one moving part – the diaphragm. Large foreign objects, such as children’s toys, tree branches and rocks, should be removed manually from your pool prior to operating an automatic pool cleaner. In the event a foreign object does not get manually removed and a blockage occurs, the Quick Access Cassette System allows you the opportunity to remove the blockage or check the diaphragm for damage in minutes at poolside.

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