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27.01.14 Investigation: Universities of Applied Sciences Alliance to be established in Southwest Finland
27.01.14 Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd has been founded
27.01.14 Seal family life in front of a webcam
27.01.14 Studio Hilla at Heimtextil trade fair
27.01.14 News
27.01.14 Calendar
27.01.14 Academic ceremonies
27.01.14 Press and media
27.01.14 Vacancies
27.01.14 Work at KTH
27.01.14 Procurement
27.01.14 Crosstalks
27.01.14 Scholarships and grants
27.01.14 Information meeting - ERC Starting/Consolidator grants in Horizon 2020
27.01.14 The Times: "Hannu Toivonen wants more titter power at your fingertips"
27.01.14 New Year’s resolutions from your new department head
27.01.14 Janne H. Korhonen defends his PhD thesis on Graph and Hypergraph Decompositions for Exact Algorithms on January 16th, 2014
27.01.14 ICRI-SC research featured in MIT Technology Review
27.01.14 Timo Honkela new professor for digital information
27.01.14 Blog: Greetings from Karelia: Collaboration with Petrozavodsk University
26.01.14 Seventh Conference on IP in Life Sciences: Big Data - Big Drugs, Berlin, Germany
26.01.14 KTU and Gifu University Discussed on Cooperation Perspectives
26.01.14 Japanese Delegation to Visit KTU
26.01.14 7th international conference „Mechatronic Systems and Materials“
26.01.14 Lithuania Prepares for the 15th World Lithuanian Symposium on Arts and Sciences
26.01.14 The Central Square of the Khashuri City in Georgia to Be Reconstructed under the KTU Students’ Project
26.01.14 KTU Students Presented Their Inventions in Scientific Fair in Warsaw
26.01.14 KTU Appoints new Vice-Rectors
26.01.14 KTU Invites to Granite and Wooden Sculpture Exhibition
26.01.14 The Newly-elected Rector and Students Begin their Teamwork with a Meaningful Action
26.01.14 Innovative Ideas of KTU Students Presented in Paris and Brussels
26.01.14 Gifted International Students to Receive Support for Master Studies
26.01.14 KTU Publishing Office to present new books in the International Vilnius Book Fair
26.01.14 Students will Constitute 20 percent of a to be Elected KTU Senate
26.01.14 The Intellect of Robots 2011: International Robotics Competition
26.01.14 International Conference on Electrical and Control Technologies
26.01.14 KTU Scientists’ Device Wins Lithuanian Product of the Year Award
26.01.14 Scolarships for Top Students
26.01.14 International Scientific Conference on Nation and Language: Aspects of Socio-Linguistic Development
26.01.14 Faculty of Social Sciences Celebrates 20th Anniversary
26.01.14 8th International Conference & Workshop “Medical Physics 2010”
26.01.14 KTU holds 9th International Conference on Vibroengineering
26.01.14 KTU Invites to the 4th International Conference on Engineering Education
26.01.14 Lithuanian Space Association to Held International Space Conference
26.01.14 Celebrate European Day of Languages
26.01.14 20th international conference “Electromagnetic Disturbances EMD’2010”
26.01.14 International Seminar-Workshop on Education and Training of Medical Physicists
26.01.14 The 3rd international conference “Radiation Interaction with Material and its use in Technologies”
26.01.14 Traditional KTU Foot Race
26.01.14 Researchers Night: different perspective to science and scientists
26.01.14 Internet Governance Forum to Meet in Vilnius from 14 to 17 September
26.01.14 3rd International Congress Complex Systems in Medicine and Sport
26.01.14 A Delegation from University of Parma visits Kaunas University of Technology
26.01.14 KTU Tops among Lithuanian Universities in July 2010 Webometrics Ranking of World Universities
26.01.14 Fourth Baltic Conference “Learning in Networks”