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10.01.17 Arctic theme shows our expertise and breadth
10.01.17 Phytoplankton communities structured by carbon from land
10.01.17 Sustainable architecture and social projects in focus for future architects
10.01.17 Warmer climate threatening to northern birds
10.01.17 Happy salmon swim better
10.01.17 Science and SciLifeLab Prize to environmental scientist David Seekell
10.01.17 Bioorganic chemist Erik Chorell appointed Gunnar Öquist Fellow
10.01.17 Climate is no ubiquitous explanation of fluctuations in reindeer numbers
10.01.17 9th Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting at Chemical Biological Centre, Umeå University
10.01.17 Ultrasound detects heart dysfunction after successful repair of aortic narrowing
10.01.17 Christians less stressed than others during Christmas holidays
10.01.17 Umeå epidemiologist joins UN mission to confront Rift Valley fever outbreak
10.01.17 SEK 33 million to young researchers
10.01.17 Arctic theme shows our expertise and breadth
10.01.17 Phytoplankton communities structured by carbon from land
10.01.17 Nelson Gekara receives SEK 9 million grant from the Swedish Research Council
10.01.17 Lesions found within pancreatic islets provide clue for diabetes research
10.01.17 Game Studies and the Philosophy of Games
10.01.17 Issue Tracker på SA - nå i funksjonsgrupper
10.01.17 New profile pages making UiB more visible
10.01.17 Gjør UiB mer synlig gjennom nye personsider
10.01.17 Informasjonsmøte om nye personsider på
10.01.17 NOBANET attracted attention at the European Commission’s University-Business Forum
10.01.17 ARVI seminar at Arcada: "Plastics in Circular Economy"
10.01.17 EDU-SMEs webinar for SMEs
10.01.17 2nd RiskLab/BoF/ESRB Conference on Systemic Risk Analytics
10.01.17 Tuition fees from autumn 2017
10.01.17 E-book day in the library
10.01.17 My Future Work 2016
10.01.17 Graduation ceremony at Arcada
10.01.17 Graduation ceremony at Arcada
10.01.17 CIMO Student fair in St Petersburg
10.01.17 IBS affects women's quality of life more than men's
10.01.17 New Research Vessel Launched
10.01.17 Thomas Sterner and Johan Rockström gathered researchers for solutions to the planet's challenges 7-8 December
10.01.17 Ottersen recommended as new Vice-Chancellor by the consultative assembly
10.01.17 New findings about stem cells in the brain of patients with epilepsy
10.01.17 New discovery may improve recovery after stroke
10.01.17 Vice-chancellor candidate Aronsson withdraws his application
10.01.17 Swedish and Greek Archaeologists Discover Unknown City in Greece
10.01.17 Extensive experience does not necessarily make policemen better murder investigators
10.01.17 Bringing economists and scientists together for planetary solutions
10.01.17 Young women in socioeconomically weak areas use fewer contraceptives
10.01.17 Armed conflict in Sri Lanka opened space for Tamil women to change gender roles
10.01.17 Three candidates for new Vice-Chancellor proposed to the consultative assembly
10.01.17 Research bill promises increased direct government funding
10.01.17 When Artistic Freedom Violates Somebody's Privacy
10.01.17 Newly discovered bacteria-binding protein in the intestine
10.01.17 Worrying traces of resistant bacteria in air
10.01.17 Pam Fredman new chair of the International Association of Universities, IAU
10.01.17 Bullied children excluded from digital communication forums
10.01.17 Making spintronic neurons sing in unison
10.01.17 Excessive BMI Increase During Puberty Identified as a New Risk Factor for Mortality due to Cardiovascular Disease
10.01.17 Selected UiB research 2016
10.01.17 The play of algorithms