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24.01.14 The First Lithuanian Satellite will be Launched into Space this Year
24.01.14 Silicon Valley Mindset that Inspired Skype and Angry Birds Comes to Lithuania
24.01.14 International Experts at Music and Technologies Conference
24.01.14 Students‘ selection for Erasmus training scholarships
24.01.14 Modern Santaka Valley Laboratories at KTU Campus to Open Soon
24.01.14 Cycle of seminars in „Global R&D and Innovation Management“ with Prof. Max von Zedtwitz
24.01.14 Open Lecture by Chief NASA Scientist
24.01.14 11th International Conference & Workshop “Medical Physics in the Baltic States 2013”
24.01.14 Nuclear Engineering Intensive Course
24.01.14 Kaunas University of Technology is one of the Most Visible Lithuanian Universities on the Internet
24.01.14 Round Table: The Best USA Practices of Entrepreneurship
24.01.14 Sir Richard Branson Awarded the Title of Honorary Doctor of KTU
24.01.14 Engineering Competition Winner Announced
24.01.14 Applause for the Robert Schuman Centre
24.01.14 The final touch of the Francophone month
24.01.14 BAIP and KTU, in Collaboration with AccessData, Create a Digital Forensics Study Center
24.01.14 Guest Lecture: Sound Logo Expert from Denmark
24.01.14 11th Annual BMDA Conference „The Role of Management Empowering Innovations and Creativity“
24.01.14 KTU Receives EU Award for Sustainable Development Strategy and Activities
24.01.14 Foreign Students Start Intensive Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Courses
24.01.14 Christmas greetings from the Rector of KTU
24.01.14 24/01/14: Defence of dissertation in the field of theoretical and computational physics, M.Sc. (Tech.) Mikko Hakala
24.01.14 07/02/14: Defence of dissertation in the field of learning organisation, M.Sc. (Tech.) Riku Ruotsalainen
24.01.14 Cultural connections with Europe found in ancient Jordanian settlement
24.01.14 Dark personality traits revealed on Facebook
24.01.14 The School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg first in Sweden with AMBA accreditation
24.01.14 More younger patients survive stroke
24.01.14 Research Headlines - Are wireless devices potentially harmful?
24.01.14 Success Stories - ESOA - The European Antenna School: bridging a technology gap
24.01.14 April, 5: Giessen-Kazan: cooperation yields new scientific results
24.01.14 January, 24: NATO Information Office intends to establish close contacts with KFU
24.01.14 January, 25: Common interests for KFU and MIT
24.01.14 April, 5: The delegation of KFU visited Suncor Energy Center
24.01.14 April, 6: PhD-student of the law faculty took part in a meeting with the deputies of the European Parliament
24.01.14 March, 23: Director of World Bank in Russia
24.01.14 April, 2: Delegation of Kazan Federal University visited Schlumberger Technol
24.01.14 Generation and characterization of Affibody molecules targeting HER3
24.01.14 Arctic inland waters emit large amounts of carbon
23.01.14 Arctic inland waters emit large amounts of carbon
23.01.14 University Hospital of Umeå (NUS) best in Sweden
23.01.14 Katarina Pirak Sikku / Nammaláhpán
23.01.14 Thilo Frank at Bildmuseet
23.01.14 Andreas Johansson's pop-up landscape at Bildmuseet
23.01.14 University Hospital of Umeå (NUS) best in Sweden
23.01.14 Newly discovered pathway offers hope for better cancer treatment
23.01.14 A new take on efficient delivery in regenerative medicine
23.01.14 Inefficient EU securities market facing a crossroads
23.01.14 Being well received in care speeds up healing process
23.01.14 Regional climate changes over the last 2,000 years mapped for the first time
23.01.14 Human cultural capacities are older than 170,000 years
23.01.14 Arctic summer sea ice extent controlled by atmospheric transport
23.01.14 Scent of a woman - not that feminine
23.01.14 Unique study shows light’s (roundabout) way through galaxies
23.01.14 Mathematical physics
23.01.14 Language and Civilization of China