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26.01.14 KTU Presents Ultrasound Achievements in the International Science Fair in Warsaw
26.01.14 Lithuania holds World Textile Conference AUTEX2010
26.01.14 Significant increase in collaboration in the education sector between Finland, China and Japan
26.01.14 Studia generalia lecture series on Romania starts on 6 November
26.01.14 Waged labour is a global trend
26.01.14 Indian experts are interested in UTA research
26.01.14 Becoming an entrepreneur your own way
26.01.14 New members of the University Collegiate Body elected
26.01.14 Emerging economies interest the new education export company
26.01.14 Three universities start a joint company for education exports
26.01.14 Master’s and Licenciate’s theses will be moved to the TamPub repository
26.01.14 Tampere universities intensify cooperation in biomedical technology
26.01.14 Tampere Club discusses the media and democracy
26.01.14 Raman's shy sun shines on the Finns
26.01.14 Rector Kaija Holli: Tampere universities should merge
26.01.14 Studies start with Finnish
26.01.14 Aurora Database Now Available in English and Swedish
26.01.14 The recipient of the Good Teacher Award brings business into the university
26.01.14 Research on mitochondria becomes Centre of Excellence for the third time
26.01.14 Performing Maria Jotuni's play in Chinese
26.01.14 Globelics Academy on 20-31 May 2013
26.01.14 Professor Terho Lehtimäki awarded the first University of Tampere Science Prize
26.01.14 A new information screen is used at the University of Tampere
26.01.14 Professor Eeva Hujala: Early childhood education is intended for the children
26.01.14 University of Tampere founds a professorship in services and commerce
26.01.14 The increase of applicants makes the deans happy
26.01.14 The use of e-books is increasing at the University of Tampere
26.01.14 University of Tampere adopts Language Strategy
26.01.14 University of Tampere gets a Fulbright professorship
26.01.14 Journalist Elina Grundström appointed Visiting Professor of Journalism
26.01.14 The illusion of easy money disappears in a business programme
26.01.14 America In Living Color Seminar on 14-15 March
26.01.14 Kai Öistämö elected chairman of the Board of the University of Tampere
26.01.14 Student mentoring will intensify in the new degree programmes
26.01.14 Both parties in the Syrian conflict will participate in the 2nd Finnish Colloquium of Middle East and North Africa Studies in Tampere on 24 -25 August
26.01.14 Risto Kunelius, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities: Communication and research important in 2014
26.01.14 European Commission awards the Diploma Supplement Label to the University of Tampere
26.01.14 The School of Social Sciences and Humanities gets the annual Ällästikku award
26.01.14 The Deans of the Schools of the University of Tampere have been selected
26.01.14 The Dean of the School of Medicine Matti Lehto: Reforms and new developments on the Kauppi campus
26.01.14 Pertti Alasuutari nominated Professor of the Year
26.01.14 Four Researchers from the University of Gothenburg Appointed Wallenberg Academy Fellows
26.01.14 RSS feeds
26.01.14 Ambitious science programme will aid fishing industry and monitor effects of climate change on Europe's shellfish
26.01.14 The establishment of a new legal discipline and a new professor's chair in Marine Governance Law
26.01.14 The Swedish Research Council funds LETStudio project on chest tomosynthesis
26.01.14 Apply for the Renova research scholarship
26.01.14 Kerstin Johannesson awarded with the Rosén Linnaeus Prize in Zoology
26.01.14 Anna Nagurney-happy to be a Visiting Professor at Handelshögskolan
26.01.14 High-brightness yellow lasers set for breakthroughs in medicine and spectroscopy
26.01.14 Gold rush to space
26.01.14 Think, and a prosthetic arm moves
26.01.14 Researchers close to solving the mystery of epilepsy seizures
26.01.14 Road structures under climate and land use change: Bridging the gap between science and application
26.01.14 Volumetric combustion of torrefied biomass for large percentage biomass co-firing up to 100% fuel switch