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Problem with progress bar(PyQt)

We have a some problem with progress bar, because of such kind of progress bar as QProgressBar doesn't allow us to display progress in action with a unknown duration. Can you help us with search solution of this problem?

We have a problem with viewing media content from QWebView. If content is displayed by method QWebView.setUrl(QUrl(...)) when media is displayed correctly, but method setHtml(QString(...))don't display media. For example:
(with setHtml)
import sys

from PyQt4 import QtCore
from PyQt4 import QtGui
from PyQt4.QtWebKit import *

Scribo (a multiblog client) is published

The PetrSU-Nokia-NSN laboratory on wireless and mobile technology published the alpha-release of Scribo. The application is a client to various blog services (e.g., Livejournal and Blurty) running at user's mobile device. The current version supports Internet tablets Nokia N900 for the open mobile platform Maemo/MeeGo (Maemo 5).

scratchbox localization problem

It's strange, but scratchbox not have fully localization by default. I'm not sure, that it is a bug.

My steps:

1. install scratchbox+SDK by GUI installer

2. add extras and extras-devel repositories

3. install nokia-apps and nokia-binaries

4. run apt-get update & apt-get dist-upgrade

5. change language in settings->language&region to Russian

Expected outcome: buttons, timers, etc. with text on selected language. Actual outcome: buttons, timers and etc. shows text messages like "wdgt_va_24h_time"

Camera Nokia n810 and OpenCV


Unfortunately, we have got some trouble with using camera of Nokia n810 with OpenCV library. To get camera stream, OpenCV uses the following function:

// index – number of device to get video; initial point is 0.

CvCapture* cvCreateCameraCapture( int index );


 *devices are sorted under the list:

CV_CAP_ANY      0

CV_CAP_MIL      100

CV_CAP_VFW      200

CV_CAP_V4L      200

CV_CAP_V4L2      200


CV_CAP_IEEE1394      300

CV_CAP_DC1394      300

Debian package

Hello. Could you help us to solve a difficulty that we got with assembly of Debian package for Nokia N810? Why does Debian package assemblied with ESBox version 2.0.0-M4 turn out incompatible with Nokia N810? Launching on the device we got message from execution manager:"Installing dev isn't possible. Incompatible package of application".  Could you givi us piece of advice about documentation of assembling debian package for Nokia N810 device?

Supporting Qt-buildsystem in autotools scripts

We know that Maemo 6 platform will use Qt-4.6 as main tool for application development. On the other hand most of OSS projects use autotools(automake, autoconf, etc) as tool for configuring application for concrete platform. Currently autotools doesn't have any features for supporting Qt. [b]The main idea is creating ability for using qmake/uic/moc with autotools project. [/b]

Use cases:

-- I want create application, for Maemo 4-6 platforms, so I want use UI based on GTK for Maemo 4-5 and for Maemo 6 based on Qt.