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7th conference

Feedback for the conference organizers

As Sergey Balandin said in the closing of the conference, there are directions for further improvement of the FRUCT conference.

I personally prefer to see abstracts/papers and slides in advance. It helps a lot in understanding the results that authors present in their talks. It also helps in decision what section to attend. This info can be published at the web together with the program. Even if your slides are not final it forms preliminary imagination about the talk. Clearly, final versions of slides can be published afterward.

What should I have in the FRUCT Overview presentation

I reserved half an hour for the overview presentation about FRUCT in the conference program. In order to make this presentation more useful and to the point, I'm now asking all FRUCT members for the improvement ideas, e.g.:

- what messages you want to hear in the overview presentation?

- what are the most critical questions that you (or people you know) don't understand about FRUCT?

- what practical issues, tools and mechanisms require more explanation?

- any other question?

Looking forward for your comments and feedback

Program of the 7th FRUCT conference is published


Program of the 7th FRUCT conference and other events of 4th Nokia week is now available on web [url][/url] and for download in PDF [url][/url]. Don't forget to register yourself!

Best Regards, Sergey Balandin

Anouncments of lectures and feedback of lecture content

Modern interactive Internet services by Andrew N. Terekhov, Valentin Onossovski Saint-Petersburg State University

The lecture will cover the following topics:

- New directions in use of Internet and new approaches to building Internet applications

- Web 2.0 as new paradigm of large distributed information systems

- Leveraging energy of people's social activities for building modern large self-growing Internet systems

- Impact of new paradigm on "traditional" software engineering aspects: architecture, reliability, security, maintenance etc.