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Playing with N900 sensors

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Playing with N900 sensors

Hi, A bucket of ideas on simple, mostly unpractical while very spectacular applications for Maemo5/N900. Examples for studying how to use accelerometer data from an application. PetrSU has generated several ideas, feel free to comment them, use and expand.

[*]A user constructs an unstable unbalanced object on the screen, e.g.,  composed from many pieces or liquid elements appear. Then she tries to walk keeping the balance. The more distance, the better. The application becomes to seem very practical when you start offering this competition on parties, weddings, and other funny events. Potentially in future, large deliveries to state police would take a place (alcohol tests).[/*:m]

[*]A user works with her email client and sees a lot of "SPAM" messages in her INBOX, mixed with regular messages. Note that is typical when a SPAM filter marks suspicious messages with the SPAM prefix. Then the user simply shakes the device (a special scenario of shaking movements can be implemented if needed), and ... all SPAM messages are moved into SPAMBOX![/*:m]

[*]There exists an application that measure the distance that N900 spends in air being thrown up. Ok, can you implement an application that sends SMS (or other communication units) to a fixed master device during the fly? The more messages have sent the better is the player. Yet another application for funny competitions at parties.[/*:m][/list:u]

More ideas you can find in project "Sensors" at

Great ideas! At least the

Great ideas! At least the last one is really easy to implement. N900Fly is open source application in python, so it can be used as a good example.

 But try NOT TO DESTROY a lot of devices!!! :)

IMHO, N900Fly is totally

IMHO, N900Fly is totally useless crap. No profit, no fun.

Check "Sensitive Motion" and "Enigma" applications.Brilliant games.I hope it helps to realize your own ideas.

I meant N900Fly can help to understand how to access sensors data

Using sensors for scrolling

Using sensors for scrolling is the first thing what i try to do during my first introducing with device.

Nokia has been kind enough

Nokia has been kind enough for lending me an awesome N900. This will allow me to test KOffice on the phone. Document loading, parsing and scrolling speed could do with improvements.

Apart from using the N900 for serious things, I've also done a bit of playing with it. Qt has a famous OpenGL demo that shows the Qt logo in a QGLWidget. Instead of controlling the rotation of the object with the scrollbars, the adapted version uses the accelerometers in the device to move the logo.

This was a simple adaptation: reading the accelerometers is simple:

[b]Nokia-N900-41-10:~# cat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-3/3-001d/coord

The application source and a [url=]ccna[/url] debian package for the N900 are now available.

Here is a screenshot of five running instances in the application overview. The five logos all move if you move the phone.


Perhaps a Qt on Maemo guru can adapt this program to be a desktop widget with a transparent background.

Sara Hosler
I agree that the idea is

I agree that the idea is really great and interesting! Hope that we will implement it soon!

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