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Supporting Qt-buildsystem in autotools scripts

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Supporting Qt-buildsystem in autotools scripts

We know that Maemo 6 platform will use Qt-4.6 as main tool for application development. On the other hand most of OSS projects use autotools(automake, autoconf, etc) as tool for configuring application for concrete platform. Currently autotools doesn't have any features for supporting Qt. [b]The main idea is creating ability for using qmake/uic/moc with autotools project. [/b]

Use cases:

-- I want create application, for Maemo 4-6 platforms, so I want use UI based on GTK for Maemo 4-5 and for Maemo 6 based on Qt.

-- If I want create real crossplatform application, for example for Maemo and Symbian, I need to use different implementations for location services, for example.

Currently you can find  some patches with Qt supporting for autotools in the Internet. But some of them doesn't work or hardcoded for concrete files.

I think this idea can be a small FRUCT project in Maemo/OSS part.

Great, good luck with it!

Great, good luck with it!

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