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game porting

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game porting

Let's collect here ideas what games do we want to port to Maemo.  I guess we can select games that are easy to port to Maemo. The first porting exercise should not be very complex.

Well, i think it would be

Well, i think it would be great to have a port of [url=]"Battle for Wesnoth"[/url]. It's very interesting turn-based strategy for Linux with huge Community. Besides where was a port of this game on maemo4, so IMHO it's not a problem to port it on maemo5.

The first idea is to contact

The first idea is to contact with people who did porting to Maemo4. I tried to compile "as it" (from Maemo4 repo), but some tricks are necessary (for example, scratchbox has ancient version of automake and it is not suitable for Wesnoth).

Let's start with more simple

Let's start with more simple task: very old game - xonix

Source code can be downloaded from ubuntu repo (what is the initial place for this source?)

I already managed to run it on my N900. But I did not create proper package.


upload libxp6 (git://, x11proto-print-dev to the maemo repo (extras-devel?)

fix debian/control to get rid of SELinux dependency (I suggest to use and create maemo branch)

fix some UI glitches

upload package to extras-devel

create bugzilla component

make announcements 

I guess it is a good mini-project that can help to study SDK and tools

Another idea about games.

Another idea about games.

If we got Wine, working on maemo5, we got a huge bunch of games from Windows platform.

It will be a very interesting hack, i think.

And. Why porting? Maybe it is better to write new games, oriented to maemo5 and N900 hardware features. Some of ports, what i installed on my n900(Kobodeluxe, FreeCiv, etc) was very unstable, with bad controls integration(For example, it is impossible to play KoboDeluxe on n900, because controls a not responding at all :cry: )

I have an idea about mmorpg for tablet several months ago. The main idea was to connect devices throught wifi, and play.

Check it out:

You have a game, RPG for example. Your own personal hero with stats and perks. Anybody else have the same game in your WiFi zone.(or using Smart-Space voodoo magic ;) )

You connect your devices to each other and play. Its may be a PvP(Player vs Player)  competition :twisted: , or PvM(Player vs Mosters) game with dungeons, expirience gaining, magical artefacts, which do you hero stronger :twisted:  :twisted: . Different classes of character, etc.

Or it can be a shooter game. Like TeeWars.

Only one limitation, hardware resources, and battery  :(

P.S: Sory for my English. It's bad, real bad =\

Wine is not an emulator.

Wine is not an emulator. Windows native binary runs using real CPU, but Maemo device is ARM-based device and we need CPU emulator (performance, battery, ...). Plus Wine itself seems to be not very portable (see for example, wine-1.0.1/libs/port/interlocked.c).

Creating multiplayer games for N900 is  very good idea. The device is "always connected device", so network games are very suitable for it. May be even battery is not big limitation for it.

The initial idea of porting small simple games is just "education project", try to build, fix and publish small simple application to get familiar with Maemo.


[quote="vitaly_repin"][*]Implementation simply does not work for me at all.  After 30 minutes of attempts with different settings.  Where can I ask the questions?  Whom can I ask them?  What about regular russian user who does not speak english?[/quote]

Russian users also can discuss on russian forum: Project developers will be glad to answer you questions.

[quote="vitaly_repin"][*] Marketing is even worse. is of the same importance for Russia as facebook for Finland.  Try to google for "vkontakte maemo".  It will be hard to find the application.  Even worse, you will never guess from the application name (msa) that it has anything in common with "vkontakte" service. Why to hide the reality (application supports ONLY vkontakte service and it is much more than enough for the russian market and N900 owners) through incorrect name?  You can not even get "vkontakte" from application description in the application manager.  It tells "client for social networks".  Hmm.[/quote]

This is the first step of our work. We propose "multiservice agent", not only for vkontakte network. Over social networks will be added in next versions (possibly in next spring).

[quote="vitaly_repin"][*] In order to get the idea where to asks questions I needed to search for this mail in my mailbox (I receive FRUCT program mails on a regular basis).  Google didn't help.  I was able to find this link (in russian):    And it does not allow me to register.  But I can see what developers are discussing.  And there is no place where it is stated HOW can I register to participate.  Very "open" community, yep.  Incredibly.  Ivory tower, yea?[/list][/quote]

The services on have common registration storage. You can have registration on base page ( and then login to forum. We restored both (direct and common) registration storages for the forum.


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totally agree. porting exercise should not be very complex!

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game porting

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