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More virtual keyboards

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More virtual keyboards

Hi, I'm writing directly from Nokia Linux Day. We are discussing new virtual keyboards implementation for Maemo5. Actually there is a request for more keyboard layouts, layout editor and may be some configuration tool (to easily select keyboard layout). There is something in maemo-extras-devel.  So, any ideas on implementation? volunteers?

Sounds like an interesting

Sounds like an interesting and challenging project that could create a lot of publicity to the authors and FRUCT!

Could you tell me which

Could you tell me which programming languages and libraries are recomended for this task?

I guess it is just C!

I guess it is just C!

But is it possible to

But is it possible to implement layout editor on C++/Qt?

[quote="ganqqwerty"]But is it

[quote="ganqqwerty"]But is it possible to implement layout editor on C++/Qt?[/quote]

I think yes! I've understood that layouts are .vkb files in Maemo. The editor should generate that files. I think graphical interaction method with end user is matter than console method or some scripts. The editor is not for running on Maemo device, I think. It is an application for PC.

why not a cross-platform

why not a cross-platform solution? I guess web service can work on Maemo device as well as on desktop.  The main problem I guess is .vkb file format

So, the possible

So, the possible implementation could be that:  A user go to the page of our web-service where he can bind symbols to the keys of the keyboard. Then he downloads generated xml or vkb file and installs it into him Maemo device. Am I right?

P.S. Is there any problems with permissions for Maemo user that wants to install new keyboard layout?

Good idea. The question is

Good idea. The question is "how can user install new keyboard".

Possible solutions:

- some tool is installed on the device and in can download and install .vkb

- web service generates .deb  package that contains .vkb

Maemo 5 allows user to gain root permissions. There is no problem to copy files to any location.

This is interesting. But my

This is interesting. But my question is, how about the normal user? How can they install this virtual keyboard?

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Great thought

As far as it is concerned to me, your thought looks great. Virtual keyboards with more configuring tools might be the one which people are expecting from the producers. I think the best programming language that you can use for this purpose is java. Since Nokia cell phones use java programming language, this can also be compatible with it. But, I have recently read the news that Microsoft has been bought the shares of Nokia and now producing as Microsoft products. In addition, there was a news 8 months ago about the virtual reality in Nokia. Regardless of these news, I wish you all the best for the proposal.

Malia Hertel

As far as i know virtual keyboards are not popular till now.

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