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DJVU for Symbian 9.x

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DJVU for Symbian 9.x

Dear FRUCT participants, Thats a proposal for a new project on Symbian OS. Its aim to add a DJVU viewing capability to the Symbian platform. Details about DJVU you can find here: [url][/url]

Project plan is:

1. Port opensource DjVuLibre library ([url][/url]) to Symbian 9 with use of P.I.P.S. and OpenC/C++

2. Write a DJVU Viewer using DjVuLibre for S60 5th ed with Symbian C++ or some other development language.

3. Add DJVU format support to Symbian Multimadia Framework (writing a MMF plugin dll on Symbian C++)

4. Contributing a p1,3 code to Symbian Foundation.

5. Writing a bindings for DjVuLibre for other development technologies (Qt for Symbian, PyS60, may be some other if you like).[/list:u]

If you whant to participate then please post your details in that thread.

По поводу проблем с

По поводу проблем с компиляцией DLL для target build GCCE, о которых я упоминал, можно прочесть тут:

Ok, lets divide a work.

Ok, lets divide a work. Sergey will work on DJVULibre port. We should check if RVCT compilator have same problem as GCCE or some other problem (i think RVCT compilator will be used by Symbian Foundation if they decide to embed library into platform because its produce more faster and smaller code). Also new Library version (version from SVN head) cant be used without changes in source code (they put #warning definitions for some constant in case library built for unknown platform. such definitions should be replaced by code because they prevent project to be compiled). In case we will work with that code version we need to incorporate with DjVuLibre developers and add Symbian support to their code directly or make a fork project.

Ilya will work on viewer. We already have DLL (compiled with GCCE) and import library, so you can start working right now. If Sergey make a new version I'm sure it will be backward compatible with one we have now.

Few next steps:

Sergey: test RVCT compilation process and study library internals. You should be ready to help Ilya in case he found a bugs in DLL work.

 (Carbide 2.3 + Subclipse) and build our DJVULibre port project to get .dll and .dso. Think about viewer and prepare some documents about its design and functionality so we all can discuss it. Lets stick on S60 5th (Symbian^1) as a target platform version.

1) Bookmarks - as in xDjvu

1) Bookmarks - as in xDjvu

2) Saving information on the last open book and page. To startup opened last book and go to the last page. Also, probably should be done in the settings disabling this feature.

3) Do something like libraries. Father-in to save a list of open books.

4) Setting the picture quality. So as this can save memory.

5) When you open the pages to make an animation in xDJVU (there is probably a simple animation of the IPhone, but I think the standard wait dialogue nokia looks bad)

6) The interface can be like "Resco photo viewer". Only the problem is in how we do transition to the next page.

7) .....

You are welcome

I would like to welcome you here to get the work completed within no time by experts.

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