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Frankly speaking, I don't like the CFP7 at all.

1. There is too much text, nobody will read it

2. There is no word about Danish university, participating in the program

3. There is no word about [mobile] video section, which was quite active at FRUCT6

[b]It should be more attractive for students!!![/b]

Ann, I see your points and

Ann, I see your points and could you help me and propose a new version of CFP that would address all these problems.

Yes I agreew ith you might

Yes I agreew ith you might such thoughts made him to think like that, anyways take care

Sure, I can help. Could you

Sure, I can help. Could you please just send me a draft of the CFP, not PDF. And I think that we should call for the volunteers that we have chosen during the Board meeting at FRUCT seminar, who promised to prepare short and concrete text about FRUCT seminars and invitation for the students.

Sofi Gray
Personally me, I have issues

Personally me, I have issues with CFP7, and I was trying to upload it and now I dont like it for sure , as how much problems it creates.

But I have found more here

To much unnecessary stuff there.

I don't like this either. To much unnecessary stuff there.
CFP7 should be worked over to be made more attractive  for students.
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