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Feedback for the conference organizers

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Feedback for the conference organizers

As Sergey Balandin said in the closing of the conference, there are directions for further improvement of the FRUCT conference.

I personally prefer to see abstracts/papers and slides in advance. It helps a lot in understanding the results that authors present in their talks. It also helps in decision what section to attend. This info can be published at the web together with the program. Even if your slides are not final it forms preliminary imagination about the talk. Clearly, final versions of slides can be published afterward.

It's worth to note that not all talks in the program have abstracts printed in the Proceedings. A bad thing is that some of these talks were interesting for me, and I really would like to read something additionally to the presentation.

Thank you for the good

Thank you for the good comment. Do you think that publishing paper abstracts before the conference will be enough or you particularly interested in presentation slides?

Yes, it's really difficult.

Yes, it's really difficult. My point is to publish those data that available. At least, abstracts are published. Authors are (strongly) recommended to provide their slides (preliminary versions) for publishing online. Then the community sees what authors are lazy (or busy). I think this best-effort strategy is most appropriate here.

A thoughtful insight and

A thoughtful insight and fantastic suggestions you have on your website. You have obviously spent lots of time on this. Well done!  

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Sounds reasonable, let's try

Sounds reasonable, let's try to apply this principle at 8th conference. Thank you.


[quote="SergeyBalandin"]Sounds reasonable, let's try to apply this principle at 8th conference. Thank you.[/quote]

Despite it was really

Despite it was really difficult as I wrote earlier, but we managed to agree with Dr Marko Hännikäinen from Tampere University of Technology who will give 1.5h training on "Scientific publishing process: writing and presenting of high quality papers" at 7th FRUCT conference. So we can count that this your request if fulfilled and you are welcome to propose new thing

It was well organized.

It was well organized. There were no issues you should mark in future, really.



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Thank you for your good

Thank you for your good comment.

Thank you for your good comment.

Thank you for your good comment.

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