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What should I have in the FRUCT Overview presentation

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What should I have in the FRUCT Overview presentation

I reserved half an hour for the overview presentation about FRUCT in the conference program. In order to make this presentation more useful and to the point, I'm now asking all FRUCT members for the improvement ideas, e.g.:

- what messages you want to hear in the overview presentation?

- what are the most critical questions that you (or people you know) don't understand about FRUCT?

- what practical issues, tools and mechanisms require more explanation?

- any other question?

Looking forward for your comments and feedback

I guess that the current

I guess that the current state of the FRUCT network should be described. What labs exist, what research areas they cover, etc. Indeed, this knowledge is in the conference

Thank you, will include these

Thank you, will include these points into the presentation.

I think it is also reasonable

I think it is also reasonable to add the slides with the list of conferences/workshops where authors from FRUCT have published their papers regarding FRUCT projects.

Sorry for reply delay, but I

Sorry for reply delay, but I actually have tried to prepare such a slide and then realized that instead we need to make some kind of slide and web page of "FRUCT Success

Let's try to do that. Tell us

Let's try to do that. Tell us if you need help. What kind of slide this should be? But anyway, somewhere we should publish the information about conferences that students/Ph.D

Agree, and of course any help

Agree, and of course any help is welcome and appreciated!

Here: http://thetermpapers

Here: is a blog where lots on information on presentations and speeches can be found. Everything from the slide size to which words to use to grab audience attention is there.

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You can add the slides with

You can add the slides with the list of conferences.

To any kind of presentation

To any kind of presentation one must concentrate on how to let their subject undestandable to the viewers in such short form and how it's made beautifully. As paper writer blogs gives more suggestions on this topic and i feel glad for it.

You can add the slides with the list of conferences.

You can add the slides with the list of conferences.

I am a regular visitor to

I am a regular visitor to your site and very happy with the FRUCT Overview presentation that you have shared here. It helped me to know more about Fruct and how this firm works. I expect more such helpful articles.

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