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Request for trainings and lectures

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Request for trainings and lectures
Continuation of "Agile and

Continuation of "Agile and Lean Software Development: Thinking and Practices" lecture would be really good. I suggest to have separate "Software quality assurance and

Sounds interesting. Could you

Sounds interesting. Could you recommend good experts in this field?

I believe, we have to plan

I believe, we have to plan Writing (Scientific) English training as far as we want to develop scientific skills for participants. I think it's  most needed training.

This is true, just need to

This is true, just need to find professional tutor (for technology areas it is easier for me to find such a person)

Despite it was really

Despite it was really difficult as I wrote earlier, but we managed to agree with Dr Marko Hännikäinen from Tampere University of Technology  who will give 1.5h training on "Scientific publishing process: writing and presenting of high quality papers" at 7th FRUCT conference. So we can count that this your request if fulfilled and you are welcome to propose new things :)

Thank you for reporting this

Thank you for reporting this problem and we will fix ASAP. The conference registration deadline is April 22 and the trainings registrations will be closed as soon as all places taken.

Writing (Scientific) English

I know that is is too late, but I would like just to mention that there are special online academic writing services where one can find some help. There work professional writers and they have a huge experiene in Technology and Exact Sciences so these guys can complete any research or paper for you.

Request for trainings and lectures

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Thanks for useful information

Thanks for useful information. This is what I need now. I study, that is why it is very helpful service for me:)

If you can help us get the

If you can help us get the trainings and lectures online, that would be very helpful. I am looking for some online help for the training as I am working and not have time for regular classes. Thanks for sharing the detailed information you guys give here about courses and classes. 

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It would be nice to get all the lectures. All my co-workers from law essay profy want to get them.

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Creative Artist

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I agree

I want to see more lecture, hope that it will be posted soon.

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