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Study Environment fund at RUC: deadline for applications is 3 March 2014

A study environment fund of DKK 200,000 per annum has been established in order to inspire and support measures to create a better study environment at RUC.

What can be applied for?
The study environment fund supports initiatives to improve the study environment at RUC.

These can be:

Large or small events that strengthen the social and/or professional communities, such as lectures, discussion sessions, student cafés, introduction days at the specialist/graduate programmes etc.

Measures to improve the ability to staff and students to take advantage of sporting and creative activities at RUC.

Measures to improve RUC campus in the form of inspirational surroundings and study-related facilities and that generally help to make RUC an attractive place to study and work.

Study-related initiatives that reinforce the benefits of education and guidance in an original and creative way.

Who can apply?
All staff and students at RUC are very welcome to apply.

Deadline for applications:
The deadline for applications is 3 March 2014.

Applications should be sent to the Pro-rector at: before expiry of the deadline.

Further information:
You will find more information about the study environment fund, the application requirements, etc. here >