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Take an education in Education Management

Here at RU we have developed an education programme focusing on developing leadership skills in an educational context. The intention is to create a good and strong framework around our education programmes and pedagogical work, and to clarify and enhance the role of the heads of studies among many other actors, between rules, opportunities, management and vision.

The goal of the courses offered is to provide Heads of Studies and Education Managers at RUC with a stronger sense of identity and clarity about their tasks. The goal is also to give them increased confidence in their own role through sparring with others and a common language around tasks and challenges, and to provide them with the necessary skills to undertake tasks based on relevant knowledge and experience. The starting point is the individual leader, education development, quality and relationships.

The course is scheduled as three 2-day modules with residential courses and funded by RUC. Speakers and course coordinators will come both from RUC and from outside.

See the exact dates for the programme and print out a brochure here >